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Organize and Edit Photos

The greatest challenge as a computer tech and a photographer is actually helping other people organize and edit photos. Why?

1. Expectations vary from person to person as too often what a person wants to do, that one app won’t allow, leading to frustration for you and I.
One person wants images imported automatically and done as few clicks as possible. The next person wants full control over what folder they go in and what they are named. Another person doesn’t want to edit much and another person wants to edit extensively.

2. Programs and Window versions people use vary greatly as Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 all have different photo apps built into the computer (as well as iPhoto and the Photo app on the Mac side varies by version)  Importing and other steps can be very different between versions as well. How I do it in Windows 7 won’t work in Windows 8 or 10 for instance.

3. Cameras vary greatly as well, with many types of memory cards and not every computer has a memory card reader.

Organize and Edit Photos The Guru Way – Adobe Lightroom Tutorial (My Personal Workflow)
I’m not going to say my way is the best or only way to do them but people generally like the photos I make so if you want something similar I’ll share my workflow process with you step by step.  Go at your own risk, I could be doing it wrong for all I know. Haha.

Windows 10 Photo App

Windows Photo Gallery (included in Windows Essentials 2012)

Windows 8.1 Photo App

Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Tutorial

Import from your Camera, Memory Card, iPhone or iPad to Computer

Import Photos from Android to Windows 10

(Coming Soon are Tutorials for iPhoto and Photos in Mac OSX)