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Acronis Error on Shutdown – Operations are taking place

Acronis Error on Shutdown – Operations are taking place

Update: Acronis 2016 finally fixed this operations are taking place and will terminate them and turn off. I found Acornis 2015 totally ignored the kill Acronis.bat that worked in the previous version.
“Please do not turn off your computer. Operations are taking place and your computer will shut down automatically when done.”  I’ve seen it myself and some others have too. It is an Acronis problem.

19016: Acronis Backup Software: Slow Windows 7/2008 Shutdown or Restart with “Operations are in progress, please wait” on Splash Screen

Technically they say this is normal operation but here is an nonofficial fix for that problem.

First, you need to create a batch file called “KillAcronis.bat” Use Notepad or similar text editor:

REM Open gpedit.msc
REM Go to Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) > Shutdown > Add “C:\Acronis\KillAcronis.Bat
/echo off
taskkill /IM Trueimagehomeservice.exe /f
taskkill /IM trueimage.exe /f
Save “KillAcronis.bat” to your C:\ root directory.

Here is the batch file in zip format, just unzip to the C drive no directory, they call it the “root” technically

Then Open GPEDIT.MSC. In Windows Vista and 7, use RUN > GPEDIT.MSC
In Windows 8 and 8.1, from the Start Screen, type “GPEDIT.MSC”
Navigate in the first panel to “Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)”
Double click on Shutdown in the right side pane.
When the window opens, click “Add” then browse to your batch file of enter “C:\KillAcronis.bat”

Close all the Windows.