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Hardware Repair / Replacements

Desktop Repair

Power Supply, Hard Drives, and Graphics Cards are the most common services

Laptop Repair

LCD Screen, Keyboard and hard drives  are the most common services.

Server Repair

Servers have many components that may fail at any moment. The most common problems we have seen are power supplies and ram issues.

All In One Repairs

All in Ones can be expensive to repair depending on what type of issue your having. Hard drives failure is common among Windows All in Ones.

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Looking for more speed? Is your computer older then 3 years? Slow at booting up, Slow at everything? Getting alerts that you are running out of hard drive space? Not sure if you need a upgrade? We recommend a simple Memory (Ram) Upgrade to increase system performance in lots of older computers.A new hard drive can create miracles, what you thought was lack of memory could really be a old / failing hard drive