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Data Recovery Service

Data recovery is the most complex and one of the most requested services I get. Always have a backup, let Nashville Computer Guru help you setup a backup system, 100% off all spinning hard drives will die eventually. Don’t let it surprise you and need data recovery in a panic. Be prepared because it will happen and never at a good moment. 

I get asked multiple times a day on the cost to repair a hard drive. It is impossible for me to quote that beyond the one place that does flat fee for $1,200. There are different types of recovery such as logical or physical recovery and most are physical and the drive needs to be repaired first to recover.

Almost all drives requires sent off to a data recovery center. Many charge one fee for the data recovery itself which depends on the type of recovery it needs, an extra charge for drive parts aka doner parts which vary according to brand and model and then another charge to put the recovered data on another drive and then a charge to mail the recovered data back to you.  There is too many varibles for me to give a upfront price until they get the drive and tell me what the issue and quote will be. 

Option 1. Logical / software failure  $150 per drive that I do personally (About 15-20% success rate as most are physically damaged and those are needing a recovery center to repair the drive in order to recover the files and are custom quoted on a per drive basis. )

Option 2. Driver Savers, the highest recovery rate in the industry. Drive needs sent to them to diagnose drive first in order to quote the repair / recovery of drive. Rates vary accroding to drive problem and speed you need. Economy, Standard and Priortiy service have different cost. 

Option 3. A flat fee Data recovery place like Fields Data Recovery. For those that don’t want to deal with mailing it in and getting range quotes and just want an upfront flat fee, this option is $1,200. A non-refundable charge of $400 applies. 

Option 4 Florida Center
Drive is shipped to Data Recovery center with a NON-REFUNDABLE $400 charge, paid up front that includes my time in diagnosing the problem, attempting logic data recovery onsite or at my location or both, shipping time, materials and cost, parts for new drive and data recovery center labor. Any data is recovered then you will need to pay an additional $299 to $499 to receive your data (Cost depends on amount of data recovered). If no data is recovered then you are out the $400 only, if successful it depends on size of recovered data but $699 to $899 total cost which includes the non-refundable $400.

(Approximately 7-14 business days turn around) This is the cheapest overall price but with the highest non-refundable charge, the others are cheaper non-refundable but higher total cost.

Option 5 Wisconsin Center

Drive is shipped to Data Recovery center with a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 charge, paid up front, that includes my time in diagnosing problem, attempting logic data recovery onsite or at my location or both, shipping time, materials and other administration. Gillware Data Recovery has a 90% success rate but they are slower unless you pay for faster service and more expensive then the Florida option so it’s your choice. This is the same Data Recovery place as other places in Nashville use such as Computer Pros Nashville. Prices range from $350 for less than 350 GB to $2,500 possible for 2 TB of data.

Option 6. I can try a few other data recovery centers and the cost depends on size of drive, type of drive and speed you need the data but $600-2,400 is often the range and when they know the problem with the drive they can give you a more accurate cost. 

Logical / software failure occurs when the basic file system is corrupted. An example would be when a virus attacks or you lose a partition. The media is still mechanically intact but you can no longer access the data. We use data recovery software to attempt recovery. Some tasks that we do to recover your data from logical failure are: About 20% of the calls I get are for this type of failure, the fast majority need the help of a data recovery center. 

  • Master Boot Record Repair
  • Rootkit detection and cleaning can lead to boot failures
  • Bad sectors
  • Lost files and folders
  • Accidentally Deleted Items and more…

This involves using data recovery software to recover data as long as the drive itself isn’t damaged.

Cost is $150 per drive for PC or Mac and includes pick up and delivery and can take 24-48 hours. Recovery doesn’t include the cost of an external drive or thumb drive to place recovered data onto. There is still a charge even if no data for this service. 

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Authorized DriveSavers Reseller for All Types of Recovery

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc., the worldwide leader in professional data recovery service, has been recovering data and peace of mind since 1985. All leading storage device manufacturers recommend DriveSavers — their work will not void the original warranty on your data storage device.

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Common advanced hard drive problems that require a professional data recovery service. 
  • Hard drive clicking, beeping, grinding or makes other noises.
  • Hard drive not spinning at all
  • You smelled smoke when you ran power to your hard drive.
  • BIOS detects drive as wrong size or model.
  • Can’t access drive. Windows prompting “You need to format the disk..”
  • A disgruntled employee maliciously erased critical data.
  • You require a forensic data recovery.
  • You have a RAID-0 or RAID-5 array and require a RAID Data Recovery.

Some tasks data recovery center does to recover your data from physical failure are:

  • Electronic component replacement
  • Rebuild burn traces
  • Spindle motor and Voice Coil Motor repair
  • Platter Transplant ( from “one” to “n” platters)
  • Head assembly replacement
  • Hex code repair (modules such as; translator, adaptives, etc.)

DriveSavers Virtual Tour

Recovering all your data fast is our top priority. watch this video for a virtual tour of DriveSavers and their state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom. Find out why we chose the worldwide leader in professional data recovery to restore your data and peace of mind!

Hard Drive Simulator

Hard drives are very fragile and very complex, see what happens with a drive that fails. DriveSaver® was built specifically by DriveSavers to simulate working hard drive components. Click anywhere on the menu features to learn more about data storage devices, common drive failures and data recovery technology. Note: The Hard Drive Simulator program below utilizes Adobe Flash. If the program does not automatically show in the box below, there may be a button inside the box that you can click. In order to view the simulator, you may need to:

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