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Rates & FAQ

Rates Current as of 5/2018

Payment Terms – By default I expect payment after services are rendered but I also understand for businesses their CPA’s require invoices. I will accept Net 15 or Net 30 terms for businesses. You will fill out the “Payment Terms Agreement” if you would like to be on terms. I can also accept payment onsite and send you a paid invoice for your records.  * There will be a $25 late fee for every month an invoice is left unpaid. By having service rendered you agree to the terms of service. Payment Methods
I accept credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as Checks, Cash and Paypal.
Trip Fees – Free up to 50 miles round trip from my location in 37211. Each additional mile beyond the first 50 will be billed at a rate of $1.00 per mile.

Sample Prices for Locations outside of the free trip range. Your total could be different.
Murfreesboro est $5.00 trip fee
Lebanon est. $22 trip fee
Columbia $32 trip fee
Spring Hill est. $10 trip fee
Hartsville est. $56 trip fee
Clarksville est. $75 trip fee
Ashland City est. $18 trip fee
Gallatin est. $35 trip fee
Dickson est.  $55 trip fee Recommend trying Charlie’s Computer Service in Dickson – 615-626-1820 /


  • FREE if repair is authorized after diagnosis and estimated labor is greater than $80.00
  • $80 if customer chooses not to complete a repair after successful diagnosis.
  • Some hardware diagnosis require replacing parts, in such instances it will fall under $80 an hour.


General Computer Repair for Residential / Home Work
(One-hour minimum charge for service)

Home service is to be paid after service is rendered. Some services have a flat fee such as Virus Removal, LCD screen replacement and Hard Drive Replacement and Data Recovery.
$80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax
(Avg time 1-2 hours -Parts Extra)
General Repair for Commercial / Business Accounts on Terms (One-hour minimum charge for service) Due to the urgency and complexity of business accounts I charge a different rate than that of house calls and they get priority over home users. $100/hr + $9.25 taxes
(Avg time 1-2 hours -Parts Extra)
Remote / Phone / Text / Email Support – We use logmein and Teamviewer to do remote work. $65 hourly for both home and business
(Avg time depends on service needed but 30 minutes usually)
Networking – Networking including wireless work, access points switches, repeaters/extenders and running wiring/cabling

Server work 2003, 2008, 2012  such as Exchange, Active Directory, administration and maintenance may be billed at $125 an hour depending on complexity.

$125/hr + 11.56 taxes for both home and business
(Depends on your needs –  Parts Extra)
Onsite Emergency Services / Outside of Standard Hours If you need urgent service or outside the standard hours. If I stay pass 5:30 at your place you won’t be charged extra only if scheduled and arrived after closing hours.Normal hours are:

Mon to Fri – 9:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday – 10:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday – Closed

We are closed on major holidays like New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A week vacation at some point in the year. If we can work then those would follow the $20 extra hourly.

$20 extra an hour for both home and business
Tutoring – Here are some things I can teach:

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Basic Windows Skills
  • Basic Mac Skills
  • Email and Internet
  • Adobe Lightroom, Photo Editing and Basic Photography
  • Organizing Files, Folders, and Photos
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • WordPress basics
  • Blogging and Web Design Basics
  • Quicken for PCs
  • Basic Computer Repair Skills to work on computers
  • Other General Skills
$80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes for business
(Avg time 30 minutes to1 hour depending on how quick the new skills are learned)
General Office or Virtual Assistant – Craiglist and Ebay listings,  Internet Research, Data Entry, Travel Research and Planning, Light bookkeeping such as client invoicing in Quickbooks.

Contact us for pricing for your situation. Starts at $20 an hour

Design & Creative Projects –

  • Web Design
  • SEO – search engine optimization
  • Photography – Nature, Building, Wedding Photography, Photo touch ups, restoration and more.
  • Media Presentation such as PowerPoint, Mediashout and ProPresenter for Weddings, Churches, Corporate events
  • Social Media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Blog post updates
  • Business, Postcard Letterhead Envelopes Design
  • Online marketing such as Google marketing and getting more traffic and phone calls
  • Advertisements from Billboards to Yellow pages, Marketing
  • Flyers, Newspaper Ads, Direct Mailings
  • Convert PowerPoint to DVD
  • Church / Worship Media (Flyers, Announcement Slides, PowerPoint, MediaShout, ProPresenter)

Contact us for pricing for your situation. Starts at $20 an hour

Hardware Replacement / Upgrades for Windows Computers Mostly – Installation of hardware and drivers such as graphic cards, Power supply, CPU, motherboard, sound card, network card, wireless cards, memory, CD/DVD drive, Installation of printers, digital cameras and more $80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes for business
(Avg time 30 minutes to 1 hour – Parts Extra)
Software Troubleshooting / Installing for Windows or Mac Computers – Install Office, Email setup and issues, cell phone setup, etc.

Reinstalling Windows time depends on your machine’s age and hardware, it varies from 15 minutes to 1.25 hours. Afterwards reinstalling drivers, programs like Office, games, etc take additional time. Impossible to estimate as each computer user is different. I’ve finished some computers in 20 minutes and some business machines have taken 7 hours before.

$80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes for business
(Avg time 30 minutes to 1 hour – Software Extra)
Computer Installation/Setup  for Windows or Mac Computers – Perform out of box computer setup, download upgrades, and ensure system is working properly. Transfer data from your old computer to new machine. $80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes tax for business
(Avg time 1 to 2 hours)
Data Backup / Transfer Services for Windows or Mac Computers – Make a copy of your computer’s data such as documents, music, photos, Outlook file, etc from your hard drive onto a DVD, flash drive or external drive depending on space needed.   Includes copying data from a computer that doesn’t turn on to a working computer. We highly recommend both an onsite and offsite backup. Acronis is great for local backups with an internal or external hard drive. Crashplan or carbonite is great for offsite “in the cloud” backups online. $80.00 hourly + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes tax for business
(Avg time 1 hour – Backup Media and Software Extra)
Spyware, Adware, Malware, Fraudware, Scareware, Phishing, Worm, and Virus RemovalWhat is covered by the flat fee

• Spyware, Adware, Malware, Fraudware, Scareware, Phishing, Worm, and Virus Removal
• Find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems
• Install and run free or user bought anti-virus tools

• Install critical updates

• Perform basic computer tune-up for faster computer speed and better performance

• Make sure your computer is operating properly

• Provide advice for recommended hardware repairs or upgrades if needed

What is NOT covered by the flat fee

Rootkits, Hijacks and Ransomware like CryptoLocker
• Though not common for severe infections there is a 2 hour charge ($160 flat) if data such as documents, music, desktop, outlook files need to be copied to an external hard drive and the infected computer needs to be formatted and windows and applications need to be reinstalled. As actual time can be as high as a day. Hijacks and Rootkits such as google, yahoo, msn search redirects to ad or malware sites can be very time consuming as root kits infect the MBR of the hard drive and in some cases removal of rootkits can leave Windows unable to boot. Microsoft and Dell recommend reinstalling Windows in such cases of rootkits.

Of course no work will be done without your approval – this method is recommended for intense infections where Windows is corrupted and locking up

• Computer problems not caused by Spyware, Adware, Malware, Fraudware, Scareware, Phishing, Worm, or Virus such as Microsoft Windows Errors due to a corrupted registry, Office Suite Products configuration issues such as Outlook, Blue Screens of Death related to hardware, etc. We often hear every computer problem being blamed on a virus and therefore expecting a flat rate but hardware issues such as a computer overheating or a power supply issue can shut off the computer and those would fall under the hourly rates.

$80.00 + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes tax for business (Avg time 1 hour)
Computer Tune-Up for Windows or Mac Computers – optimize for faster computer speed and better performance. (Mac Tune-Up is different process)

  • Remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Clean up startup
  • Clean up registry and temporary files
  • Malware Check but complementary removal based on severity of infection and time
  • If necessary remove dust from inside the computer
  • Install critical system updates
  • Defrag hard drive


Flat Rate Service

$80.00 + $7.40 tax for home
$100/hr + $9.25 taxes for business
(Avg time 1 hour)
Hard Drive Recovery The Nashville Computer Guru – at times – can recover data from hard drives through a basic logical method. Most people who call for data recovery have a psychically damaged hard drive, as is the case with clicking or grinding noise ones or external hard drives that have fallen to the ground, basic recovery most likely will not be successful and instead require sending off the drive to a data recovery partner.Data recovery is the process of retrieving data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible hard disks, thumb drives, or any type of media when it cannot be accessed by normal means.


  • Raid Arrays, Hard drives, Flash drives or Camera Cards won´t boot up
  • Damaged or burnt logic board
  • Bad spindle motor (platter does not spin)
  • Grinding, Squealing or Clicking sounds
  • “Disk error”, “No operating system found”, “Drive not found”
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Broken Flash Drives or Camera Cards

Be aware: data recovery is expensive!  For instance geek squad hard drive recovery for a drive that is physically damaged starts at $1,600.  What a data recovery center does is they take apart and replace damage circuits, platter heads, rebuild and recover your data in clean rooms. It is hard to put a price tag on the memories in your hard drive but it’s pretty common for places to run from $1,000+. And it is not unheard of for government, hospitals, and schools to pay $8,000 to $12,000 for their crucial data.

Please have a backup system in place, you can save yourself losing years of memories and / or lots of money trying to get your data back.

“Basic Logical Data Recovery” – Internal drives only. Majority of data recovery request is going to be “advanced recovery”Success is better with internal drives verses the cheap external drives.Logical failure occurs when the basic file system is corrupted. An example would be when a virus attacks or you lose a partition. The media is still mechanically intact but you can no longer access the data. We use data recovery software to attempt recovery.Some tasks that we do to recover your data from logical failure are:

  • Master Boot Record Repair
  • Rootkit detection and cleaning can lead to boot failures
  • Bad sectors
  • Overcome CRC and ECC errors
  • Lost files and folders
  • Accidentally Deleted Items and more…

This involves using data recovery software to recover data. Honestly most cases tend to be advance. recovery.

$150 per drive to recover data using data recovery software

Recovery doesn’t include cost of external drive or thumb drive to place recovered data onto.

(Approximately 24-48 hours turn around)

“Advanced Data Recovery” – You have two options, we have partnered with two Data Recovery Centers. One in Florida and another in Wisconsin. Florida is cheaper but has about 50% success rate in our experience. Wisconsin has about 90% success rate with a higher price to go with it. Often times Mac formatted and external drives will be advanced recovery. I’m not aware of anyone reliable in the Nashville area that can do this level of work so we mail the drive overnight if needed to a data recovery center.These situations often will require the Advance Recovery and sending off a flash / thumb drive, memory card or hard drive to a data recovery center.

Common advanced hard drive problems
  • Hard drive clicking, beeping, grinding or makes other noises.
  • Hard drive not spinning at all
  • Hard drive was formatted
  • You smelled smoke when you ran power to your hard drive.
  • BIOS detects drive as wrong size or model.
  • Can’t access drive. Windows prompting “You need to format the disk..”
  • A disgruntled employee maliciously erased critical data.
  • You require a forensic data recovery.
  • You have a RAID-0 or RAID-5 array and require a RAID Data Recovery.
  • Your digital camera photos are no longer on your memory card.

Some tasks data recovery center does to recover your data from physical failure are:

  • Electronic component replacement
  • Rebuild burn traces
  • Spindle motor and Voice Coil Motor repair
  • Platter Transplant ( from “one” to “n” platters)
  • Head assembly replacement
  • Hex code repair (modules such as; translator, adaptives, etc.)

Option #1 Florida Center

Drive is shipped to Data Recovery center with a NON-REFUNDABLE $200 charge, paid up front. that includes my time in diagnosing problem ,attempting logic data recovery onsite or at my location or both, shipping time, materials and cost, parts for new drive, and other administration.  If any data is recovered then you will need to pay an additional $299 to $499 to receive your data (Cost depends on amount of data recovered). If no data is recovered then you are out the $200 only, if successful it depends on size of recovered data but $499 to $699 total cost which includes the non-refundable $200.

(Approximately 7-12 business days turn around)
Recovery doesn’t include cost of external drive or thumb drive to place recovered data onto.

Option #2 Wisconsin Center

Drive is shipped to Data Recovery center with a NON-REFUNDABLE $150 charge, paid up front, that includes my time in dignosing problem, attempting logic data recovery onsite or at my location or both, shipping time, materials and other administration. Gillware Data Recovery has a 90% success rate but they are slower unless you pay for faster service and more expensive then the Florida option so its your choice. This is the same Data Recovery place as other places in Nashville use such as Computer Pros Nashville. Prices range from $350 for less than 350 GB to $2,500 possible for 2 TB of data.


Hard Disk Drive Replacement – The price dpends on what size solid state drive you want (data recovery extra if needed), which includes a new hard drive up to 500 GB, extra cost for larger drives.[Older  IDE/PATA drives may increase price by $30+; computers made since 2005 use SATA drives which are cheaper]

1. Backup of current data
2. Replacement of faulty/slow hard drive.
3. Installation of new drive, reinstall and setup Windows, install hardware drivers and all your software.
4. Import Data such as “My Documents, iTunes – Music, Pictures, Favorites, Desktop, Outlook file, etc” to new drive.Plan on getting computer back the next day for this service.

For more information go to

Varies (Includes data transfer, Windows Reinstall and hard drive)
LCD Screen Replacement –

Ideally to quote a LCD screen correctly, I would need the pull the busted screen and get the numbers from the back of the screen. Each model of a laptop can take different screens so ordering the wrong screen is pretty common going from computer model number alone. Depending on the exact model number and screen size the average cost is $60 to $250  for an LCD screen, touch screens are the higher end of that. All screens have to be ordered/shipped in.  It might take up to a week depending on selected shipping. Labor cost is $120 in addition.
In order to proceed, I would need to get the computer from you and with the correct part number, I can give you an accurate quote. Since this involves taking your computer apart to quote, it would be $40 to quote, that will go towards the total cost if you proceed with the replacement.
Half down on the LCD screen might be required if it is over $100 and you haven’t done business with us in the past.
$120 flat fee plus cost of part
(Avg time same day as part arrives and with shipping, up to a week.)
Microsoft Windows Operating System and Drivers Installation w/ customer supplied Restore CD, Microsoft CD or restore partition – We will install or reinstall Windows using the serial key provided by customer. A successful installation is defined as the computer booting up and showing the desktop. This DOESN’T include any additional software installing and configuring, just a bare bones OS install. $80.00 + $7.40 tax for home
$90 + $8.33 tax for business
(Avg time 1 hour)

Services We Don’t Offer Currently
1.   DC Jack Replacement (You can try calling Micom Systems at (615)356-3884 I heard they are about $120. I found a place online with a shop near Chicago and they are $100 includes part, labor and shipping for DC jack repairs. The website for them is ( I have never personally used them before.)






Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do you work on Mac’s?

Yes for most things but we don’t offer free mac warranty work but for some hardware we will refer you.

2.    DC / Laptop Power Jack Replacements

I’m glad you found me but DC Jack  replacements is one of the few things I don’t do as its labor intensive and involve soldering. The part itself is cheap but often needs to be ordered from overseas which can take a few weeks plus I haven’t found anyone locally that seems dependable or affordable at installing it. (Approx $120-150 with a week turn around)  I found a place online with a shop near Chicago and they are $100 includes part, labor and shipping for DC jack repairs. The website for them is ( I have never personally used them before.)

If you decide to get a new laptop instead then I can help transfer data to the new laptop even if the old laptop doesn’t turn on. I can also make Windows 8 look like XP or Windows 7.

3.    Can I stop at your store and buy a computer, hard drive, etc?

We don’t have a storefront as its a mobile onsite service company not a computer store. We carry a limited supply of hardware / software due to the change in cost overtime. I might have a hard drive to be sold but by the time it is needed the cost could drop $20 causing me to lose money. Under some circumstances you can come to where I live but lets talk before that happens. Often times it is cheaper to buy a computer from a retail store then it is to have a custom computer but a custom computer is often much faster and will last longer so the saying that you get what you pay for is very true.

4.  My laptop screen is broken, can I get it fixed today?

I don’t know any source for LCD screens in the state so all LCD screens have to be ordered and shipped in so it will be at least 24-36 hours for most replacements if I overnight the part.

Depending on the exact model number of your laptop the cost of the part cost of part is often $60 to $140. My labor is $80 for this service so total with part $180-$200 is the average. I do require half down on the part as many people get a new laptop in the down time and  leave me with a LCD screen that will cost me shipping and restocking fees to return it.  I would need to get the laptop from you, once part comes in I can have the screen replaced within an hour.

5.  Why are you so expensive and can I get a discount?

When you have a cough do you call the doctor and ask how much it will be to be fixed?  It depends if it is a cold, pneumonia or worst. People will call me wanting to know the exact total, which I understand money is limited but diagnosing over the phone or email is tough as I can only go off what you tell me. Many times what people think is wrong with the computer is actually not what really what the problem is. The same is true with the medical field; many issues share the same symptoms but have different treatments.

It is the classic dilemma: you want to have great service, done quickly and for a cheap price. But the laws of physics only allow you to choose 2 at a time.

Here are the combinations you can select:

  1. Good and Fast
  2. Fast and Cheap
  3. Good and Cheap

For a price comparison, a virus removal is $80 flat fee with us, Geek squad is $199.99 in-store or $299.99 in-home as of summer of 2013. Geek Squad in Nashville charges $149 an hour onsite for most computer work compared to my $80 for home users.

Anything more then free is expensive to some people but our affordable rate for home users is $80 an hour with businesses being $90 an hour discounted to $80 if paid after service is rendered for most repairs other then the flat fee services.

We offer same or next day repairs while computer stores can stretch into a week or weeks at times. We come to you, you don’t have to take your desktop computer apart and put all the wires back together again, also you don’t have to worry about someone having “your stuff” for awhile when often in an hour or two I can have your computer finished all within the confines of your home or business.

I have local friends who do computer work as I do and two charge $125 an hour and one charges $150 an hour, I’m teased for being too low but I also know the fly by night, part timer computer service ads on craigslist list such prices as $12 an hour, or $30 flat fee exist but they don’t stay around long, many do it till they get a job or just in leisure time. I have clients who called me because the last 5 craigslist techs replaced parts or caused more problems then they fixed and in hopes of saving money they spent enough to buy a new computer.  I also have people who call me because their computer guy is slow at responding to them. I offer personal and quick service with Nashville Computer Guru.

I often will get calls wanting a discount to earn their business, I can do tax free for students and seniors and will try to reasonably work with you but after 6 years in business I have learned that those who complain the most to earn the sale will complain the most after the sale. I’m a straight shooter, I value you as a customer, I will bend over backwards to help you, I actually lose sleep over clients because I really do care. I know I’m not the cheapest but I’m far from the most expensive. If you want a discount on price, then you are telling me my service isn’t worth the value I ask.  98% of the time, those who want cheap service will also demand quick perfect service. People will ask for a flat fee for a service such as virus removal for example, I get there and find your computer isn’t infected at all sometimes with hardware issue and have been kicked out of houses because what the real problem will cost to fix is more then the problem they think they have and what they think it should cost.

Simply put I’m not expensive within the industry; I want your business and will respect you as a person with a computer problem not a faceless customer to charge. Very often I will respond to emails and texts at times no service company would. I also ask that you respect my time and me. If I can’t afford to stay in business then we all lose as I will have to get “a real job” and won’t be able to help you when you need me.

In hopes you don’t find any surprises on a bill I list my rates and estimate time for that service.

6.  Why am I being charged sales tax?

From time to time I am asked why they are being charged tax, trust me I would rather not charge it as it is more money for you and more time / hassle for me but Tennessee Department of Revenue has contacted me and demanded payment.  I have to charge Sales and Use tax for labor and parts of 9.25% and remit that to the state. Often when I buy parts I pay for the tax with the sale to be quicker so I won’t charge tax on that part in that case.

“All labor inherent to the creation, installation, or repair of tangible personal property, as well as the parts or materials are subject to the tax.”  Computer hardware, software, and peripherals is considered tangible personal property . Tenn. Code Ann. Sections 67-6-102, 212 (ps. Websites are considered software.)